Ronald Yu




Hi! My name is Ronald Yu. I graduated with a master's degree in Computer Science from USC in 2017 while working in the USC Graphics and Vision group with Professor Hao Li from 2015-2017. Previously I also worked in the USC Spatial Sciences Group with Professor Yao-Yi Chiang from 2015-2016. My research interests over the last few years have been in computer vision and machine learning. I am currently a member of Professor Hao Su's group at UCSD, where I will start my PhD in Fall 2018.

You can see a list of my publications here and my Google Scholar here.

You can reach me at ronaldiscool AT gmail DOT com



SGPN: Similarity Group Proposal Network for 3D Point Cloud Instance Segmentation
CVPR 2018 (Spotlight Presentation)   [Bibtex]
Weiyue Wang, Ronald Yu, Qiangui Huang, Ulrich Neumann


Learning Dense Facial Correspondences in Unconstrained Images
ICCV 2017  [Supp.]  [Video]   [Bibtex]
Ronald Yu, Shunsuke Saito, Haoxiang Li, Duygu Ceylan, Hao Li


Realistic Dynamic Facial Textures from a Single Image using GANs
ICCV 2017  [Supp.]  [Video]  [Bibtex]
Kyle Olszewski*, Zimo Li*, Chao Yang*, Yi Zhou, Ronald Yu, Zeng Huang, Sitao Xiang, Shunsuke Saito, Pushmeet Kohli, Hao Li


Production-Level Facial Performance Capture Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
SCA 2017  [Video]  [Bibtex]
Samuli Laine, Tero Karras, Timo Aila, Antti Herva, Shunsuke Saito, Ronald Yu, Hao Li, Jaakko Lehtinen


Recognizing Text in Historical Maps Using Maps From Multiple Time Periods
ICPR 2016  [Bibtex]
Ronald Yu, Zexuan Luo, Yao-Yi Chiang


Reviewer: CVPR 2018, PAMI 2018, IJCV 2018
Grader: CSCI 621 (USC Digital Geometry Processing, Spring 2017); CSCI 420 (USC Computer Graphics, Fall 2015)
In the Winter Quarter of 2018, I have unofficially provided certain course notes and guest lectures for CSE 291 - Machine Learning for 3D Data at UCSD.


When I have free time I play competitive table tennis. Below is a random game I played in 2016. Unfortunately, I lost. I guess that's why it's called the misceLLaneous section.

Sadly, I took too many L's because I wasn't good enough at table tennis, so I did what any researcher in my position would do: I became a CEO and politician! I was president of the USC Ping Pong Club in 2016-2017 and in 2017 did live commentary of the National Collegiate Table Tennis Championships. Here is some of my commentary, which was streamed on the official Youtube channel of the International Table Tennis Federation: